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What Do Sunflowers Have to Do With a Pandemic?

September 17, 2020  |  Published in Agency News, Early Childhood, Everyday Vogel, Family Services, School-Age

What do sunflowers have to do with a pandemic?

Each morning when the children and staff arrive at Vogel Alcove, a plot of huge sunflowers greets us at the door. These striking plants also line the areas where our children play—the black top, playground, and garden. Even in the midst of COVID-19, they never stopped seeking the sun. Sunflowers are so majestic, bright, and cheery that you can’t help but smile when you see them.

Sunflowers have become a symbol of hope as Vogel Alcove remained open through these difficult times. You instantly feel better, just by looking at them. And just as the sunflower is loyal to the sun, we have been dedicated to supporting our children and families.

There are 3 points of wisdom we at Vogel Alcove have taken from the sunflower, and today we’re focusing on the first one:

  • Be Bright, Sunny and Positive: Nothing embodies the sunny and happy nature of sunflowers as much as our kids. This summer we served nearly 100 children in a safe and healthy environment. Our school-aged children learned gardening, practiced archery, and went swimming. They also learned robotics and played chess during camp. Our preschoolers continued learning under the loving, warm direction of our teachers. All of the children enjoyed weekly Splash Days and cool treats to beat the heat. Your support allowed us to remain open this summer. You helped us maintain a sense of normalcy for our kids. And you have positively impacted their day-to-day lives.

Will you be our sunshine by giving today?

While Vogel Alcove has navigated these last months of hardship, our families and staff have stood strong and tall, finding the sunlight amid the darkness. Your generosity has fueled us along the way. Each gift has shone with the brightness of a sunflower’s petals. Your contributions have served as a reminder that no journey is too long or too dark—if, like the sunflower, we continue to seek the sun’s light and warmth.

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