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Raise Funds for Homeless Children

Join the fight to help young children overcome the lasting effects of homelessness. Do your part by raising funds in everyday ways.


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raise money for Vogel Alcove


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Frequently asked questions about fundraising

Create a Vogel Alcove Fundraiser

Memorial Fundraisers

Honor the memory of your loved one and help
children overcome the effects of homelessness.

Endurance Events

Host your run, cycle, or other endurance event
benefitting homeless children and their families.

Special Occasions

Dedicate your next celebration! Weddings,
birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Corporate Fundraisers

Get your company involved and team build with
coworkers on behalf of Dallas homeless children.

School Fundraisers

Support homeless children with your classmates.
Host a fundraiser to drive community awareness.

DIY Fundraisers

Have an idea that sparks joy? Use your
imagination to create an event that is unique to you!!

Providing Care to Homeless Children and Their Families

Children experiencing homelessness are
4X more likely than their peers to 
delayed development.

Early childhood, family support and mental health programs all tailored
to the needs of homeless children.

Vogel Alcove has served Dallas homeless children and their families for over 30 years, providing tools for success in life.

Follow us on social media; share Vogel Alcove’s mission to serve homeless families with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Find and Support An Existing Fundraiser

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FAQs and Tips

How do I spread the news about my fundraiser to my network?
Download our fundraising toolkit here

Can I use the VOGEL ALCOVE logo to create promotional materials?
Yes, the Vogel Alcove staff can provide you a color logo or black and white version. All Team Vogel Alcove event materials that will bear the Vogel Alcove logo must be submitted to Vogel Alcove for review and approval before they are made public, this includes but is not limited to social posts, email content, shirts or other apparel, banners, and any other form of event collateral. Please allow one to two weeks for approval from our communications department.

Are there ways my company can help with my fundraising efforts?
One of the easiest ways to boost your fundraising is through employer matching gifts. Many companies offer employees a matching gift benefit that doubles or sometimes triples your gift. Contact your company’s Human Resources or Finance department to see if they match charitable donations. Also be sure to encourage your donors to look into opportunities for matching gifts. By participating in these programs, you and your donors can significantly increase the impact of your support.

How do I make it clear that this event is supporting Vogel Alcove?
Please indicate on all materials that proceeds from the event will benefit Vogel Alcove. Vogel Alcove can also provide a formal letter of support upon request, which is often helpful as an assurance to donors and potential sponsors that Vogel Alcove is aware of the event and that proceeds will be directed to Vogel Alcove. To request a formal letter of support, email us at jperez@vogelalcove.org.

Can I donate to Vogel Alcove proceeds or a portion of proceeds from the sale(s) of an item or collection?
Yes! We greatly appreciate being the beneficiary if your sale. All materials related to the sale should note the percent of proceeds (or dollar amount per item) going to Vogel Alcove. If you would like to designate (a portion of) proceeds from sales Vogel Alcove, please notify us.

What if a check is made out to me, not to Vogel Alcove?
If a supporter makes the check payable to you, simply endorse the check with your signature, write “Payable to Vogel Alcove,” and submit it with a Contribution Form (PDF).

Can I have people give money to me directly and then write a check to Vogel Alcove from my personal account?
This is not recommended. The IRS will consider any deposits into your personal account as taxable income, and we will not be able to issue tax receipts to your donors for their gifts if the contribution comes from you.

What should I do with cash donations?
Please do not send cash in the mail. If you’re collecting cash donations, you can either have cash donors fill out a Contribution Form (PDF) with their contact information and donation amount, transfer the cash into a cashier’s check, and send both the check and the form to Vogel Alcove, use your own credit card to make the donation in your donor’s name online through your event fundraising page, or bring the cash directly to Vogel Alcove at 1738 Gano, Dallas TX, 75215 along with a list of donor names who contributed the cash.

Where do I send my donations?
Mail contributions to: Vogel Alcove P.O. Box 150948 Dallas, TX 75315

Need Assistance?
Contact Us.

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