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Vogel Alcove Campers and Yoga Mondays

July 30, 2021  |  Published in Agency News, Everyday Vogel, School-Age, Services & Programs

Spongy rainbow mats checkered the gym floor, awaiting pint-sized yogis. It’s Monday, and that means yoga day at Vogel Alcove!

Some of the kids have been through unimaginable trauma. It is critical that they learn to regulate their emotions, find calm and have ways to focus the mind and body

The yoga teacher made rounds through all age groups of Camp Vogel today, but I had the particular pleasure of joining the eight-to-ten-year-olds in their session. 

Campers started lying on their backs with their feet together and hands by their sides. They hugged their right knees to their chests, then the left. 

To accomplish subsequent poses, campers bent over backward. For others, they curled forward. 

The yoga instructor offered tokens of advice throughout the session, informing campers which poses might remedy everyday difficulties. 

Yoga boasts extensive physical and mental benefits as well. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle tone, and cardio, and circulatory health. 

It’s mentally beneficial for the children as well. It helps relieve stress, which, if left unaddressed, is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind. Yoga pacifies the mind, granting those who practice it clarity and composure. 

After thirty minutes of twisting and stretching, balancing and posing, campers returned to their initial position: lying on their backs. 

“Relax your toes,” the yoga instructor said. “Relax your ankles. Your knees. Your hips.”

A wave of tranquility rolled over the campers, who had excitedly tackled all previous poses. She ticked off all body parts. The energy dissipated. “Relax your eyes.” Thoroughly calmed, the campers met the rest of the day’s schedule refreshed and stretched.