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Vogel Alcove Birdhouses, A Creative Art Project You Can Do at Home

July 30, 2020  |  Published in COVID 19 Response, Donors, Everyday Vogel, Volunteers

If you’ve ever had the chance to tour Vogel Alcove, you’ve probably seen our Giving Trees on the walls of the 3rd floor. If not, it’s one of the highlights of the building and you should plan to come see it (when we’re able to give in-person tours again.)

For now, some pictures are shared below.


These walls are covered with birdhouses. Each birdhouse has been beautifully painted and adorned by various donors throughout the years, showcasing the creativity of individuals like performer Idina Menzel or VA Board Member Lauren Halsey, to the collaborations of groups like Univera and the Dallas Morning News. No two are alike.

We invite you to paint some new additions for our walls! We know a lot of you are at home with your families, looking for projects and crafts to do with your kids. Maybe you’re working from home and looking for something fun to get your team out of their routines. Church groups might want to host a socially distanced project in small groups.

This project is a great opportunity to support our mission while mixing it up with a little creativity with this at-home project.

Here’s how it works.

When you make a donation of $100 or more, you can choose your birdhouse from our selection– we have seven choices (see below).

Email volunteers@vogelalcove.org with your choice of birdhouse and contact details, and we’ll send it your way so you can get to painting!