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Scenes from Camp Vogel 2016

August 25, 2016  |  Published in Agency News, School-Age

Summer break may be over, but the sunscreen-scented memories of Camp Vogel and Kinder Camp 2016 will remain with our campers for a long time to come.

With the theme of “Young Olympians,” our summer camps offered a wide array of activities and learning opportunities. A typical day consisted of capture the flag, watercolor painting, social/emotional skill building, reading and swimming lessons – plus healthy meals and snacks.

Field trips ranked among the kids’ favorite aspects of camp. With outings to places like Pinstack, AT&T Stadium, a Frisco Roughriders game and Hawaiian Falls, it’s easy to understand their excitement!

The fun wasn’t limited to these destinations, though; the campers also had a blast at Vogel Alcove with activities like the Leader Challenge – our own version of the Olympic games. The children and staff competed in a variety of field games and other contests, including an obstacle course, a water balloon battle, a no-hands watermelon eating challenge and a game of skill involving shaving cream and cheese puffs.

Children who are living in trauma face unique social/emotional challenges, and our summer programming provided opportunities to address these issues. While our campers enjoyed plenty of fun and games, they also had the opportunity to brush up on life skills like teamwork, patience and empathy. Kit Ansley, Director of our School-Age Program, saw firsthand how the children took these lessons to heart. One day, a child greeted her with a hug, saying “Thank you for all you do for us. I love coming to Vogel.”

 We are grateful to everyone who helped make Camp Vogel 2016 such a wonderful experience. To support Vogel Alcove and programs like Camp Vogel and Kinder Camp, donate today!
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