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First Camp Vogel Splash Day

June 14, 2021  |  Published in Agency News, Everyday Vogel, School-Age

It is summer in Texas. After days of rain and cloudy weather, on Friday our familiar scorching sun returned with full intensity, hiking temperatures up to the nineties. 

With the sun beating down from overhead, Vogel Alcove campers cooled off with some fun water activities on splash day.  

First, campers paired off to toss and catch water balloons with their partners. After each successful catch and toss where the water balloon remained intact, partners would take a step away from each other and repeat the challenge. 

If this sounds easy, I assure you, it’s not. My partner and I could not even get through one toss and catch without the balloon bursting in our hands or on the ground. 

Next, the campers had a free-for-all with the balloons and water guns. After I told the campers that they were, in fact, allowed to get me wet, they eagerly launched balloons at me and sprayed me with water. 

Some campers stashed water balloons away and, upon determining their multiple-buckets-worth of them sufficient, would run across the tarmac, throwing them at any target that crossed their vision. Other campers loaded up their water guns in the central bucket and fended off the balloon launchers by shooting them with water, all the while squealing with delight. 

Little feet splashed across the tarmac, and little campers crowded around the central bucket, reloading on water or balloons. 

When counselors announced that it was time to clean up, a chorus of “Already?”s rang in response. Needless to say, campers are already looking forward to next splash day.