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Family Matters April 2018

April 30, 2018  |  Published in Agency News, Donor News, Family Services, Services & Programs

Family Matters – Parent Social Interaction Activity

Vogel Alcove hosted a Parent Social Interaction Activity, designed to engage parents of the Vogel Alcove community to build external community support, and help Improve overall family well-being by fostering connections with their peers and their community.

On Thursday April 26, 2018 Vogel Alcove sponsored the first in the series of monthly parent engagement activities. Studies show that children and families have better outcomes when they have better connections with varying systems. The event was attended by 13 parents and it was a resounding success! Parents reported they enjoyed being given an opportunity to meet other parents in the program in a relaxed environment. They were able to learn the names of parents they had seen around the campus, but never had an opportunity to interact with due to their busy schedules.

Parents were provided with healthy snacks prepared by Vogel Alcove’s own Chef Sheree. The event was facilitated by Family Support Specialist, Shereta Redmond. Activities were focused around parents being able to relate to one another in an all adult setting and being able to explore commonalities while engaging in social activities. Parents were provided with information regarding the pros and cons of building a positive peer network. The activity was provided in a relaxed environment where parents were encouraged to interact while playing board games. Parent were challenged to move outside their comfort zones by interacting with parents who were unfamiliar to them.


Stacey D. Moyler, LCSW, MBA
Director of Family Support Services