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Donor Helps Vogel Alcove Family Get a Washer/Dryer

January 28, 2021  |  Published in Donor News, Donors, Everyday Vogel, Family Services, Our Families

Vogel Alcove is able to continue its mission because of the continued generosity of donors. Whether a donation of time, money, or tangible goods– our donors help us rewire brains, repair hearts, and restore families. We’re so thrilled to start off 2021 with this blessing.

Some of our longtime donors, Joyce and Jerry Morrison of SLR Medical Consulting contributed funds to help a Vogel family get a washer and dryer. Mom and her daughter do a lot of walking– to and from school, work, and more. With no place to wash their clothes, this mother was hand-washing her garments whenever she had the opportunity, but the clothes just weren’t getting clean. Sometimes, the things others might take for granted can be the catalyst for change in a person’s life. Check out our mom’s letter below.


Vogel Alcove relies heavily on donor contributions to maintain and expand our programs and services. In addition, we accept certain household items that our families need as we assist them in finding secure housing and work. Do you have something you’d like to help provide? Email hbradford@vogelalcove.org for details on our families greatest needs at this time.