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Join Flight!

Join Flight!

We invite you to join Flight!, our community of monthly donors.
With as little as $25 a month, you’ll contribute to the longevity of our mission by giving regular support.

Your monthly donation allows us to take a planned, long-term approach to helping kids overcome the traumatic effects of homelessness.

As a Flight! member, you’ll receive:

Monthly donations above $50 will also receive special items like:

But most importantly, as a Flight! member you work side-by-side with us, making long-lasting improvements to children’s lives.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Flight Members

Members that support the children of Vogel Alcove with a monthly-recurring donations of $25 or more

(as of 01/07/21)



Aida Collins
Allison Jones
Andrew Warden
Andrew Wymer
Barb Meraz
Bethany Doyle
Christopher Barnes
Christopher Jones
Cline Taplin
Emily Williams
Fotios Mihalopoulos
George Small
Greg Brinkley
Hans Alexander Cesar
Heather Bradford
Henry Galpin
Howard Cohen
Jamye Webb
Jennifer Perez
Jing-Lan Stacy
Jodi Sadowski
Karen Reyes Hunter
Kathrine Brody-Gillis
Kevin Kirksey
Kim Duffy
Lynae Fearing
Madeline Rodriguez
Marilyn Petrone
Melinda Armitage
Paige Pasta
Renee Gonzalez
Ricardo Roberto
Sharon Thompson
Ted Brinkley
Teri Walker
Vincent Victor
Virginia Allison



Beth Borman
Corey Sadowsky
Elizabeth Del Toro
F. Mark Compton
Jay Akin
Jennifer Bianchi
Katy Buford
Keith Dennie
Kevin Saller
Sarah McNeese
Shatoya Henderson
Susan Conley
Tiesha Henderson





Al Ellis
Cari LaSala
Gary Edd Fish
Gary Shelton
Georgine Muntz
Jason Meyer
Jeff Ballow
John Blair
John Dinan
Josh Dickerson
Kara Brown
Karen Hughes
Linda Manning
Michael J. Simmons
Michelle Kravitz
Pamela Bryant
Robert Malenfant
Ronna Peterson
Scot Morrison
Stacy Malphurs
Tiffini Leaverton
Wade Giles

Why Join Flight? Our Members Say:

“Having visited the facility first hand and witnessing the work being done by the teachers and staff really touched our hearts. Vogel Alcove is fantastic and really makes a difference in the lives of the children and families it serves. My wife and I are blessed to be contributors to the mission of Vogel Alcove.”

-Flight members, Gary and Paige Shelton