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Camp Vogel Trip to Jewish Community Center Pool Went Swimmingly

June 14, 2021  |  Published in Agency News, Early Childhood, Events, Everyday Vogel, School-Age

Vogel Alcove campers visited the Jewish Community Center for swim lessons on Thursday.


As soon as we arrived at the pool, the campers stripped off their outer layers, eager to jump in the water. 


Camp counselors divided the campers into smaller groups to work with Jewish Community Center volunteers. Once divided into their groups and given the go ahead to jump in the pool, campers cannon-balled off the sides and bound down the stairs into the water. 


Some campers were more reserved, though. Younger campers hovered nervously on the side of the water, debating whether or not to trust the volunteer wading in the shallow end with their arms outstretched, inviting them into the pool. These campers would eventually anxiously jump into the water and, upon realizing it would not harm them, splash excitedly with their counselors.


Beginner swimmers worked on kicking with paddle boards while more advanced swimmers jumped off the side of the pool and swam back to the edge on their own. 


Campers squealed and splashed in their colorful bathing suits. As campers lined up to reload on the bus, they happily shared which levels they had passed and which levels they would pass next time.