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Alon USA Engages in 5-Year Shoe Donation Program

February 5, 2016  |  Published in Agency News, Corporate Partners

Families who are experiencing homelessness face a host of challenges, not the least of which is keeping growing children dressed in weather-appropriate and well-fitting clothes and shoes. Two and a half years ago, our friends at Alon USA graciously took on this challenge, making a five-year pledge to support the Vogel Alcove Resource Center – our store house of donated clothing, diapers and other items. Through a program called “First Steps,” Alon USA provides a new pair of shoes for all Vogel Alcove children on a quarterly basis.

Alon USA employees have made the First Steps program a huge success as a direct result of their volunteerism. They have helped measure our children’s feet, shopped for new shoes online and distributed the footwear to our classrooms. These tasks take a great deal of time, detail and organization. Alon USA also has developed a great partnership with a local Skechers shoes store, which has been helpful in organizing the bulk orders of shoes we acquire. The children’s excitement is off the charts on the days the shoes arrive, and their joy at receiving new shoes is priceless.

“A mother told me her daughter got a new pair of Sketcher ballerina shoes that have a ball on the heel that allows them to twirl like a ballerina. She said her child was so ecstatic that she twirled for a week straight!” said Ashley Evans, Vogel Alcove Marketing & Resource Associate.

We are tremendously proud of our partnership with Alon USA, and we thank them for the incredible gift they have provided for the children and families we serve. We look forward to the next two and a half years with confidence, knowing that our children’s feet are in caring hands. Vogel Alcove wishes to thank each volunteer at Alon USA for his or her personal support and commitment to our mission. Your efforts are directly making a positive impact in the lives of homeless children.